Why Join?

Thank you for considering joining the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce Tri-County. We are pleased that you have considered becoming a part of our Chamber and hope that the membership is profitable for you and your business.

You may ask, "Why should I join the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce?" For one, the Chamber gives your business instant credibility within the community and provides invaluable opportunities to promote your company and expand your marketing channels. Moreover, it allows you to gain access to local and state agencies and have the ability to participate in international trade missions and conferences that would benefit your company and its operation.

And not the least, through the Chamber you can avail of educational opportunities like workshops and seminars to enhance your knowledge and business.

We are here for you, but we can only do this with your membership. So turn in your application forms and your investment fee today! You will be a very valuable asset to our Chamber. Together, we will prosper.

To our mutual profitability,

Merwynn R. Montenegro
President FACC Tri-County