Nicolas ‘Nick’ E. Munoz


I was born in Lucena City, Quezon. My mother Anita Edano Muñoz is from Lucena City and my father Eduardo Malazarte Muñoz Sr. is from Iriga City. I am the eldest among my four siblings: Carmelo E. Munoz and Eduardo E. Muñoz Jr. (both deceased), Ma. Rosemarie E. Muñoz, and Ma. Teresa E. Muñoz.

I graduated Elementary at Ateneo de Davao; my high school in Maryknoll and College in Araneta University, now owned by La Salle, where I took Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Major in Pathology. After graduating from college, I worked in Manila for a year, then my father and I started a business selling TBA (Tires, Battery and Accessories) and managed our farm and fish pond in Quezon for a short while because I was forced to migrate here in the USA in July of 1984, due to a death threat from New People’s Army (NPA). Life was good back home and I did not really want to come to the USA. I have no immediate family here, and life is quite difficult after my first visit in 1981.

For various reasons, because of my project study, I will be a millionaire in two years.

I grew up quickly here, and learned to take care of myself without help. I adjusted quickly and after five years, I went back to school and took Computer Science Programming, but a year after graduation the dot com companies exploded and my knowledge of Dos, Cobalt, Fortran etc. became extinct. I then focused in sales, did seminars to better myself. Out of my own pocket, on occasions, I asked my Director to send me to sales training. I studied body language as well.
For three years I learned the business, to a point where I know when it’s the right time to close. It paid off because in four Fortune 500 companies where I worked, I’m one of the top 10 sales producers. I’ve been here for 34 years. I feel tired, maybe because I lost my own family and not motivated to strive. I’m close to retirement and thinking of being an entrepreneur which I am partly doing now.

Being one of the Board Members of FACC-Tri-County helped me look at a different perspective in life – entrepreneurship, which is what I did before I came to the USA.