Gregg Vargas

Second Vice President

I am a proud 31-year old Filipino American, born and raised in Southern California. Obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Cal State Fullerton, I have used my knowledge acquired to navigate a career in sales. I’ve spent my early adult years working in numerous types of sales jobs in the retail, finance, and professional sports industries.

Today, I am currently a Realtor with RE/MAX Masters in Covina. I help people buy, sell, and invest in residential and commercial real estate; serving all throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County.

I believe that networking and strengthening communities to promote economic growth is a key to success for all types of businesses. It is because of that principle that I am proud to align myself with the FACCTC.

Aside from being an accomplished salesman, I also identify myself as a loving husband and soon-to-be father. I currently reside in Chino.