Elen Ramos


Elen Ramos was born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States at age 25. She brought with her the Filipino values of family and hard work. Integrating the American dream, and the pursuit of happiness and freedom, emerged a less shy professional and entrepreneur, driven by core values of integrity, excellence, creativity, and social responsibility. She is a mother of two, Samantha and Paolo, who mean the world to her.

After being in the corporate world for fifteen years, Elen discovered her passion for design. In 1997, she took a leap and became a flower shop owner with zero business and design experience. She took on the challenge and by the end of the 10th year, became an expert florist and sold a successful business.

The floral design and business experience prepared her for the next chapter, to pursue the top on her list — Interior Design. In 2009, after design education and training, Interior Design Solutions (IDS) was born. IDS specializes in dental and medical office design, and for almost 10 years now, has been helping clients realize their vision, contributing to their bottom line and well-being.

She began as a stringer at Philippine News in 1988, and studied at UCLA as a scholar of the Philippine American Women Writers and Artists. She’s currently the Chief Correspondent in Southern California and OVERVIEW columnist. Not bad for someone who hated writing so much she had to ask her father for help in her high school theme papers.

Elen is also passionate about wellness and well-being, which leads to her newest venture of developing a tea brand called GRATEATUDE, under Satori, LLC, engaged in retail and wholesale distribution of specialty tea and tea ware. Her design and business experience came in handy in creating subtle yet flavorful blends of premium loose-leaf tea, aromatic flowers, herbs and fruits. Through its great tasting tea, GRATEATUDE aims to spread the value of gratitude and thanksgiving, and the appreciation of the simple things in life.

Elen hopes to inspire others to discover their gifts, develop and share, as she has.